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Founded in 2006 by Ann Baloski, BehaviorWorks – Naturally ABA emerged with a profound vision and an unyielding commitment. Initially, the company’s sole objective was to provide comprehensive ABA program supervision for a single child navigating the complexities of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, as the journey unfolded, this vision transcended its initial boundaries, encompassing ever-greater aspirations.

Presently, the unwavering dedication of the BehaviorWorks Support Team is dedicated to propelling growth and innovation within the realm of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) across all age groups. We firmly uphold the belief that perpetual learning, collaborative synergy, and proactive involvement stand as indispensable cornerstones in shaping the future landscape of ABA, thereby bestowing a profound and enduring impact upon the families under our care.

Sustainable change awaits

Ann Baloski
Ann BaloskiCEO, BCBA


Throughout the years, Ann Baloski has held onto her belief in the power of connections. Each client and therapist interaction is a commitment to growth and success. As Ann puts it, “Our goals remain unchanged. Each client is that one child that becomes the focus, aim, joy, and challenge for our staff.”

Ann’s journey was shaped by rigorous training at Western Michigan University, learning from luminaries like Jack Michael, Dick Malott, and others. These experiences made her a leader with knowledge and a passion for sharing ABA’s transformative potential.

Ann Baloski’s dedication extends beyond BehaviorWorks. Connect with her on LinkedIn for shared insights, passion, and a commitment to positive change through ABA.

At BehaviorWorks ABA, we embody growth, compassion, and unwavering commitment. Join us on this journey to make meaningful impacts on lives.

Mission. Vision. Values.

The mission of BehaviorWorks is to inspire positive behavior change in the most inclusive environment and to promote independence in all aspects of life through the highest standard of excellence in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Our vision is to open doors to access new possibilities for our clients, to be innovative leaders in the field of ABA, to be the provider of choice for our families and community partners, and to live our Company values each day.

The BehaviorWorks Support Team

Ann Baloski
Ann BaloskiCEO, BCBA
Dr. Casey Nelson
Dr. Casey NelsonClinical Psychologist, HSPP
Katie Springer
Katie SpringerClinical Director, BCBA
Jennifer Styka
Jennifer StykaBCBA
Allison Shaffer
Allison ShafferBCBA
Brea'Anna Sanders
Brea'Anna SandersConsultant in Training
Kristi Woo
Kristi WooRBT Trainer
Allie Smith
Allie SmithOperations Manager
Nancy Ray
Nancy RayClinic Manager
Alissa Scott
Alissa ScottClinic Manager & Enrollment Specialist
Delta Kindred, MBA
Delta Kindred, MBARBT Hiring & Marketing Manager
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